best budget cymbal pack

Best Budget Cymbal Pack | 2021

Every beginner should consider the best budget cymbal pack they can afford since high-end cymbals cost as much as an old Toyota Corolla. As a drummer, there are a couple of things where you don’t want to cheap out, and cymbals are one of them. There’s no worse feeling than playing with terrible-sounding cymbals, and …

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best china cymbal

Best China Cymbal | 2021

Any drummer should include the best china cymbal their budget allows in their cymbal set. That’s especially important for rock or metal drummers, but you can also use a china cymbal in lighter music genres. To begin with, if you don’t know what a china cymbal is or what it looks like, they are effects …

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best low volume cymbals

Best Low Volume Cymbals | 2021

Why low volume cymbals? The drums are loud, and cymbals are probably even louder. Luckily for us, we can now buy low volume cymbals. As a drummer with 20+ years of experience, it hurts to admit I’ve had a mild case of tinnitus for the last five. In case you’ve never heard of tinnitus, according …

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