drum beats for beginners

Drum Beats For Beginners | 2021

When someone starts playing drums, it’s common to ask themselves what drum beats for beginners they should learn first. The truth is, the number of different beats and fills any drummer could dream of learning might feel overwhelming at first. Anyway, I firmly believe that a few dozen drum beats are the foundation of every …

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best mesh drum heads

Best Mesh Drum Heads | 2021

During the past two decades, the best mesh drum heads changed the way we practice forever. Up until recently, mesh drum heads were only available in flagship electronic drum kits like the Roland V-Drums. Nowadays, they are no longer exclusive to electronic drum kits and allow drummers to practice silently by replacing their acoustic kits’ …

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best china cymbal

Best China Cymbal | 2021

Any drummer should include the best china cymbal their budget allows in their cymbal set. That’s especially important for rock or metal drummers, but you can also use a china cymbal in lighter music genres. To begin with, if you don’t know what a china cymbal is or what it looks like, they are effects …

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best drum racks

Best Drum Racks | 2021

Why would you buy one of the best drum racks, you might ask? Well, for a couple of reasons. When you have a wall of stands in front of you and their legs start getting in the way of each other, it’s time to consider using a drum rack instead. Drum sets are not only …

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best budget snare drums

Best Budget Snare Drums | 2021

Interested in the best budget snare drums? Most professional drum parts are expensive, and the snare drum, a central part of every drum set isn’t an exception. For me at least, the snare drum, the throne, and the bass drum pedal are where you should invest the most when starting, and a good set of …

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best drum tuners

Best Drum Tuners | 2021

Should you buy one of the best drum tuners? Probably. You got your drum kit fully assembled, but for some weird reason, it doesn’t sound like what you usually hear on records. Don’t worry, it shouldn’t, and I can assure you there’s probably nothing wrong with your drum kit. The drum sets you hear on …

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best metronome app

Best Metronome App | 2021

Searching for the best metronome app? I feel you, I can’t recall the last time I even saw a real metronome. In an industry that’s continuously evolving, the drummers’ job didn’t change much in the past century.  We’re expected to provide the beat that ties everything together in a musical performance, and most importantly, keep …

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best earplugs for drummers

Best Earplugs for Drummers | 2021

Interested in the best earplugs for drummers? Protecting your ears is important for everyone, but it becomes extra important for any drummer or musician in general. If you lose your hearing, you end up losing the connection between you and your passion, not to mention the reduction in life quality that comes with hearing loss. …

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how to set up a drum set

How To Set Up A Drum Set | 2021

Learning how to set up a drum set might sound overwhelming at first, but as a kid, there’s no better feeling than receiving your first musical instrument. After “playing” with pots and pans, using markers as my drumsticks, and begging my parents for a drum kit for years, I couldn’t believe it when the day …

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