best drum practice pad

Best Drum Practice Pad | 2021

Due to the nature of our musical instrument, sometimes practicing is only an option thanks to having the best drum practice pad on arms reach. In other words, a drum set takes too much space and it’s louder than most drummers would like to admit. That reduces the amount of time available to practice some …

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best gifts for drummers

Best Gifts for Drummers | 2021

Buying someone a gift is hard, especially if you are looking for something niche-specific, like the best gifts for drummers. As an adult, the biggest obstacle when it comes to finding a gift for someone else is time. We all have busy lives and fitting gift shopping into our crazy schedule is quite a challenge. …

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best cajon drums

Best Cajon Drums | 2021

Before we start, do you know what a Cajon is? Or a box drum? If you’re searching for the best Cajon drums, I assume you do. Nevertheless, if for some reason you don’t, let’s start by talking about the history of the Cajon and what made it one of the most popular percussion instruments of …

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how to record drums

How To Record Drums | 2021

Trying to learn how to record drums at home? If you’re anything like me, you’ve been dreaming about a home studio for a while. Finishing my current home studio reached a level of excitement only comparable to getting my first drum set as a kid. Despite all of that, building a home studio is neither …

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best budget cymbal pack

Best Budget Cymbal Pack | 2021

Every beginner should consider the best budget cymbal pack they can afford since high-end cymbals cost as much as an old Toyota Corolla. As a drummer, there are a couple of things where you don’t want to cheap out, and cymbals are one of them. There’s no worse feeling than playing with terrible-sounding cymbals, and …

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drum beats for beginners

Drum Beats For Beginners | 2021

When someone starts playing drums, it’s common to ask themselves what drum beats for beginners they should learn first. The truth is, the number of different beats and fills any drummer could dream of learning might feel overwhelming at first. Anyway, I firmly believe that a few dozen drum beats are the foundation of every …

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best mesh drum heads

Best Mesh Drum Heads | 2021

During the past two decades, the best mesh drum heads changed the way we practice forever. Up until recently, mesh drum heads were only available in flagship electronic drum kits like the Roland V-Drums. Nowadays, they are no longer exclusive to electronic drum kits and allow drummers to practice silently by replacing their acoustic kits’ …

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best china cymbal

Best China Cymbal | 2021

Any drummer should include the best china cymbal their budget allows in their cymbal set. That’s especially important for rock or metal drummers, but you can also use a china cymbal in lighter music genres. To begin with, if you don’t know what a china cymbal is or what it looks like, they are effects …

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